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Fantasy football

You like football and heroic fantasy?
You will finally be able to merge your 2 passions with this range of fantasy football figurines carved especially for you!

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This range proposes seadogs, pirates, brothers of the coast, corsairs, privateers, barbaresques and their victims: Spanish, traders, monk.

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Far West

Cowboys, German shepherds, sheriffs, upholders of the law and even the Chinese karatekas crossed Far West in search of the glory or of the solitude. These figures of legend which haunt our child's old dreams were reincarnated in figurines for our biggest pleasure.

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Frères d'Armes and extensions

WARNING: Rules are in english !!! Extensions are in french
Code Arcanum: Original and full of humour! Ravage: Perfect to toy with ones old and new miniatures. Tangente Jeux & Stratégie: A booklet full of colours and magnificently illustrated. Vae Victis: An innovative and generic skirmishing game

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