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Welcome to the Forge!
Goblin Forge was founded in 2004 by Zeboss, the Big Gob. In 2008, the goblins and Talkarde Ilui took up the torch.
Goblin Forge aims to create figurines fantasy football. For this, we appeal to fans of talent often. Designers, sculptors and painters, many bring a bit of their know-how to forge ...
We hope you enjoy with our figures!
Good game!

Goblin Forge is a web site administrated by the company Pilouface.

Adress :
77 rue Montesquieu
47000 AGEN

Pilouface is an E.U.R.L. with a capital of 7500€ recorded at the RCS of Agen under the number SIRET : 505 083 337

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Goblin Forge's Team:

- Hobgobelin : Talkarde - Stéphane Madani - [email protected]
- Gobelin : Ilui - Guillaume Bry - [email protected]

The last artists to have joined the Forge : Jacky Molliet, Jérémie Vivet, Nicolas Petit, Baboon, Daemslann and Pierre François Jacquet...

  • Sylvain Quirion (Sculptor)
  • Jeff Rémi (Graphic artist)
  • Stéphane Bileau (Graphic artist)
  • Gael Goumon (Sculptor)
  • Patrick Receveur (Partner)
  • Luc Trichet (Sculptor)
  • Stéphane Madani (Boss)
  • Madden (Painter)
  • Kool (Painter)
  • Maneu (Painter)
  • David BAX (Sculptor)
  • Gilko (Painter)
  • KanJ (Graphic artist)