Goblin Forge

Version française

11/12/2004 : The first order has come through !!!

How blissful!
No one knows who Steven Newman (USA) may be , but he just ordered 2 sets of miniatures.
The crowd gathers in disbelief to witness the Paypal confirmation mail!

10/12/2004 : The website is online

Itís a temporary version, but it is good enough to order through Paypal...
Will buyers follow suite?

09/12/2004 : The first carton of miniatures has been delivered to us!

160 miniatures are waiting for some nice and caring buyers to bring them home! And for the website to be uploaded!...

23/11/2004 : Weíve just got our hands on the masters.

They are superb, No time to pick up dust on the selves: they were sent all over France to be painted by master painters with an honours degree in "Paintbrush Handling".

15/11/2004 : The greens are in England

The founder, our friend Peter Brown, can get working. Everyone is relieved over here, we may start breathing again!
The mould maker

05/11/2004 : The greens are somewhere between Paris and London

No one knows exactly where and everyone is extremely anxious.

25/10/2004 : The greens are ready

In addition to The Orc running back project, we received a goblin referee. Our very first goblin! We are overjoyed and thatís what saved Sylvain from getting the whip for utterly exploding the deadline!ÖHe confessed shamefully that it is a habit of his.

15/09/2004 : Sylvain Quirion has begun the sculpting

Our little Sylvain has started sculpting, the deadline is close but he is of the efficient kind...

01/09/2004 : Goblin Forgeís official launching

The website isnít quite online yet and the miniatures are not quite ready either, but it is our starting point!